Unfinished Stories

An iota more of leaden feet Thriving on the thrill of tearing through, The little nibble of droopy eyes Lugged low by a lavish lunch, One stride too hastily taken Done in by the diversion of devices, Or standing where peril arrives Unseen, unheard, an uppity usurper – That is all it takes For a million […]

Gangtok Shankar – trip to Sikkim

Mt. Kanchendzonga is an alluring, inviting sight and a visit to Sikkim can be justified just for a look at the bright and shining summit while the rest of Gangtok is still under cover. And perhaps a picture of oneself grinning like a monkey to offset the natural beauty going on behind. I was at […]

We Also Make Steel

Jamshedpur is a small town tucked away in the state of Jharkhand. I was privileged to have been born there and brought up on the stories of how 3 individuals in 1904 traversed through a large stretch of the country (starting all the way from Madhya Pradesh) till they arrived at the village of Sakchi […]