Unfinished Stories

An iota more of leaden feet Thriving on the thrill of tearing through, The little nibble of droopy eyes Lugged low by a lavish lunch, One stride too hastily taken Done in by the diversion of devices, Or standing where peril arrives Unseen, unheard, an uppity usurper – That is all it takes For a million […]

Goodbye Dear Mausi

Geeta Mausi (my eldest aunt) passed away yesterday. I wrote these lines for her. You left quietly on a spring evening Like the dusk that is never announced, And a life bereft of wistful moments Closed like a window upon the living. I wish I had know you better, or had Called you more often […]


I stood tall before the time-blackened God Who stared, His eyes chiseled with cruel conceit. A hand and a leg were burgled by time Yet He stood vain in His ruins of defeat. “Bow before the mighty Gunadeva,” Thundered a fiesty priest. His arms and eyes Betrayed a life of unquestioned service, A spirit scorched […]

A year

A birthday poem – with thanks to so many friends who wished me well on this day. 24th Februrary, 2014.   It went by without reckoning, This year of unabashed joy, Waiting timidly for nothing In its glorious, unmarked path.   It doled out fond memories Without knowing that it had Left in our time-bound […]