An interview with Mamata Banerjee

[Parth: I had written this imaginary interview 2 years back. Seems a good time to re-publish it. The interviewer is Opid, named so by his parents who were die-hard fans of Oprah and David Letterman and wanted to have their way with his name] Welcome readers to yet another Opid interview. This time we make […]

The Female of the Species

[Written on International Women’s Day 2010] Today being Women’s Day was hardly even known to me till some friends came up to me in the morning, dressed in floral pinks and lilacs and demanded that I wish them. In fact I am sure the very existence of the Women’s Day concept itself was till recently […]

Duty Free

I have spent a large part of this week travelling. In fact a better part of the year has been spent in flights, and trains – and when I say ‘better’ I mean ‘better’, and not ‘more’. Frequent travelling presents us a mosaic of unusually crazy people who, unless discovered, would forever languish beneath the […]

God, Bless You!

God has spoken to us earthlings through lightening, heavenly broadcasts and beams of light. But considering the amount that has been spoken to Him, he’s a rather reticent responder. This makes me think of Him – is he being impudent just because he can pull off a lot of stuff, or does he stay quiet […]

The Wheel of Misfortune

Have you ever wondered what the real story of human history was? How in any God’s name did we move on from being happy hunter-gatherer-cavemen to the cubicle-haunting “professionals” that we apparently are? Why must we labor-gasp-trudge-falter between one weekend and another when our hairy ancestors roamed around in jungles all day fending against birds […]